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Hello sexy,and future Lover ,I am saving you a seat in my future just in case you want to be part of the journey!

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I was a born nurturer ,I had to work in fashion industry,I was sixteen years old ,they were looking for a  tall blonde ,blue eyes ,I was lucky enough to have my family to support me and I decided to help my family financially , my dad was ill at the time  and couldn't afford his cancer treatment s and  Thank Goodness .the chemotherapy saved him, Thus,I had taken college classes after high school graduation in hopes of working in some form of physical therapy or caregiver..it was difficult for me to get a steady job I travelled  overseas then I end up  in fashion industry and acting in Hollywood CA instead ..

I really love learning new things ,you can hone your current skills and develop new ones while enriching your mind.I am proudly :

Certified Massage therapist-The benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.  I love giving massage in my parties it's my gift to my clients to ease their fears when they cum at the ranch and also at the end of our session !

Certified Animal Psychologist ,I am an Animal Lover ,I provided  voluntarily my services to owners who are having difficulties with their pets by correcting behaviors and looking for triggers for those behaviors.}

I also obtained my Autism Awareness Diploma.(Child and adult)

Autism and it is estimated to affect one in every hundred people in the UK, although in the US their current estimate is one in every sixty-eight people. Autism is a neurological condition which means that the Autistic Brain is organised in a different way. There is no cure, and it affects the way someone with Autism sees, perceives and processes the world around them. The impact of Autism is individual – every person with the condition will have a different set of symptoms and difficulties. However, common to all with Autism are poorer social skills affecting how they communicate and interact with others.

I am trying to own my own business but sadly I found myself with $6 figures of debt and my car payments.I worked for prestigious entreprise to name one of them Playboy enterprise I worked with amazing people despite the paychecks wasn't enough for paying my bills ,I discovered by accident that  two of my coworker working in one of these brothel in NV and i found myself I  could make some fast cash too.

I decided to act fast and reached out Dennis Hof, he hired me in Las Vegas first Loveranch south then with my skills and expert on sex ! I Work exclusively at the Famous Moonlite bunnyranch,I love Sex and please people in many ways ! 

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Have you ever felt that rush of attraction when a charming seductress whispers :I want to be loved by you in your ear in four different languages?

Introducing the French companion that will give you that rush of attraction when she whispers in your ear I want to be love by you! in four different languages. Let me be the one to give you that rush of excitement! 

Bonjour Gentlemen, I am Angelina Monroe, a luxurious French & Swedish companion with a passion for pleasure. I've always been fascinated by the world of escorts.  It's like it was a calling when I started working in a luxurious brothel.  I simply offer a service like a masseuse or doctor as a caregiver. I always see the positive affect I have on my clients and see them grow and become more confident.  I love that I can give them a nonjudgmental space to be themselves and explore that inner person. I have a great sex menu that includes (GFE, The girl friend experience, Pamper champagne party) 2 girls party, Virgins, Recent divorce, Widowed, Handicapped, Newbies, Fetishes, Older men, single Women etc,, and all included Unlimited orgasms with a 100% guarantee!

I love the sex. Do you yearn for passion and excitement beyond anything that you have ever experienced before?  Are you searching for the intimate and ultimate connection, rapturous bliss and sensual pleasure that you have only dreamed of?  Do you long to escape from your day to day responsibilities and step into a world of timeless ecstasy?

If you've answered yes, then you've come into the right place.. I'm the woman you've been searching for.  My warm and inviting smile will instantly put you at ease.  Known to friends as,  a "Pure Hedonist".  I am extremely open-minded and always curious to seek out indulgent sensual experiences, and deep authentic connections.  Smart as a whip and blessed with the gift of gab.  I also enjoy stimulating and engaging conversation. On a physical level, you’ll adore my bright blue eyes, beautiful long blonde hair, build of Super model body, long legs and fashionable dress. Intellectually, I’m well-educated and can hold my own with the brightest. I love traveling internationally. I enjoy life to the fullest and I never stop smiling. You want to be yourself around a sultry woman who is patient, uncomplicated, funny and sensual; a true lady whom you can take anywhere,

I attribute my firm and fit body to my healthy diet and rigorous work out regimen. I strive to maintain this appearance, thus I have one tiny Playboy bunny tattoo on my lower back and no unsightly body piercings. I have Soft luscious skin, contagious smile and a warm personality that will make you want to be a regular friend of mine.  My sense of fun and humor is never far from anything I do and I'm a very playful girl. I simply love to flirt and enjoy driving men crazy.  My flirtatious behaviors will be sure to keep you coming back for more, again and again.  As seen on Playboy, Vixen, Maxim, TV Commercials, Celebrity.com etc..you want to learn more about Love & Sex, so I will teach you how to have better sex and lose your Inhibitions.Thanks for reading me. Please email me and I will undoubtedly change your life for the Best!

  Hug xoxo,kisses 

 NEVADA Legal  House 

  Infos ,details, location coming soon November 2018 

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Today,I don't feel like doing anything,Except you,I' would do you

Don't tell me what to do unless you're naked!

Laisse moi te guider ,Comment faire l'amour avec plusieurs orgasmes ,je vais te faire rougir de plaisir mon Amour...

Close the deal honey

Let me take you to club 9

J'ai envie de t'embrasser


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for special inquiries day and time email me angelinamonroe@europe.com

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775-387-1150 please leave a message with your name -info etc we will reach you out soon thanks !

Additional FAQ". More questions being asked

Angelina Monroe's Additional FAQ". More questions Being Asked

 miss any time with each other and loose out in our erotic fun together. You still can just show up, but can't guarantee my availability.( New Location in w.

1. What is a party?

A party is our personal time together to be intimate and enjoy each other. This is where we select your personal fantasy and make all your wildest dreams cum true. 

2. What is a negotiation?

This is where we discuss what you want to do and include in your personal party. I am open to most activities, but each one must be discussed prior and the package and journey you select will cum at different costs depending on how much we add for enjoyment. 

3. Who gets the money?

All money transactions are made with the cashier. The cashier will work with you to make sure you are accommodated the best possible way. Transactions can be made by using any major credit card, except American Express. Cash is always excepted. However, all payments have to be made prior to any party activity. Don't forget to tip the cashier. 

4. Do I have to make a deposit?

You do not have to make a deposit, however, in order to guarantee your time and day with me, a deposit of 10% is necessary. I want to make amiss any time with each other and loose out in our erotic fun together. You still can just show up, but can't guarantee my availability.( New Location in 

5. What if I want to add more time or change my fantasy?

At any time we can add more time or fantasy. We will just have to work together and with the house to change payments. 

6. Do I have to use a condom?

Yes, of course. Condoms are a must for both intercourse and oral. This is to keep both of us safe and be able to enjoy a safe environment. But, don't worry! I have a gift to make you feel as though it is bareback. You will absolutely love my techniques!!!!

7. Do I need to bring Condoms?

No you do not. I will supply them all to you. I have all sizes and will provide the right one for you. We do not use Lambskins. We only use latex.If you have allergies to latex, polyurethane condoms are available. 

8. Can we add toys to our fantasy?

Absolutely! I love toys ,I already have a beautiful collection and we have two stores at the ranch and will ensure you get full enjoyment and pleasure. 

9. How can I get a hold of you?

The easiest way to get a hold of me is by email. This is the best way to communicate with me for available dates/times. My email is AngelinaMonroe@bunnyranch.com I also have Twitter follow me at @angelinamonroeE

10. Can I get help with transportation to the Bunny Ranch?

Absolutely! The Bunny Ranch has their own limosine that is complementary. We can arrange to pick you up and drop you back off. Please remember to tip the driver. 

11. Can we stay overnight at the Ranch?

Absolutely! The Bunny Ranch has VIP suites that are exclusively for these long term parties and orgies at additional costs. VIP suites are awesome for fun and intimate long term times with movies, pleasure, and other beautiful girls if you wish. 

12. Can we stay overnight together at a hotel or my place?

Yes but We must first meet at the Bunny Ranch to discuss options. I love meeting you anywhere and absolutely love overnight stays with you. 

13. I know you have work with some well known magazines, including, Maxim and Playboy, but why we don't see any picture of you on the Hustler issue or Glamor Magazine like some of the other Ladies are featured?

Well, great question! First of all, I don't have $299 to spend to advertise myself ... yes you heard me. Lol ... That's a special edition which anyone can buy one specific page and usually as simple as, paying the photographer and the house to select the best ...I am not going to pose for Glamor pages are only "Flyer advertising locally for the bordello Bunnyranch you can find them for free in grocery stores , don't be confused with the real magazine "Glamour " witch is internationally recognized for Fashion industry ( I had worked for them in EU) 

The owner (Dennis Hof) selects the girl he wants on central page.that's s good way to advertise the Bunnyranch, the lady who pose ,signed a release and then they using her image to promote the ranch and of course herself.

I know a very well known zillionaire who owns the magazine of Penthouse. He would probably have a bad reaction or laughed out loud if he saw me in there as an advertisement for the bordello .. I can show a pic of him but I like to stay private ... after all,:

"Why doesn't Bentley or Rolls Royce advertise their products through billboards or other conventional ways of advertising?"

Because those are mass advertising

mediums. They are designed to reach a lot of people independently of their buying power. And yet, not everyone can afford a Bentley or a Rolls lol 

I also don't want any nude pictures I have done before posted all over the internet. It can cost my family and friends disaster because they are very conservative. I needed to change my name etc because I still have stalkers but c' est la vie ...

  • 14. Would you let me take a picture or a video together after party? 

 Absolutely with just one condition. I will ask you to not post on social media. I like to stay private with my clients .. I would rather like to take a selfie together.

I have answered the most frequently asked questions from Clients.

I like to book you what should I do to make it happened? ll guarantee you the time you want with me and it makes sure that I am there for you;just email me directly  Either way, you will have to leave a minimum of a 10% deposit. This will ensure that I re-arrange my schedule just for you. If you make an appointment, I will be available 24/7 for you.

When I was in High School, I had this teacher flirting with me. I eventually had sex with that teacher (mathematics ) and was amazed and thrilled about his sexual appetite. When I got to college I thought I would have a normal life until this College supervisor harassed me. Apparently I was his sexual desire object. I had sex with a super cute Teacher who worked for that Supervisor. This Teacher was in a temporary post and he found out I could help

him to have a steady job if I could please his supervisor. So, he arranged a time for his Supervisor to have sex with me. To me it was a nightmare, but at that time, I realized that I was something that I should be in real life and make a living with. I have this attraction to men with power etc ... I could leave without working but they were controlling. I then knew I could make good money and be an independent woman on my own. This is why I ended up in this business. 

Why did I choose to work at the Bunny Ranch? 

I have always heard of the famous Bunny Ranch and heard of how popular it was even before I worked for Playboy. I first visited the Brothel in Las Vegas because I was curious. I just decided to move in Reno/Carson City area because I knew the popular place called The Famous Bunnyranch would be able to satisfy my curiosity and my sexual urge, as well as, meet some interesting people. I knew working there would help me afford to live in some states like CA-NY-EastCoast and pursue my dreams. To name one of them : continue acting in Hollywood,CA with the Best coach ( ex students :Halle Berry,Charlie Theron ,Brad Pit etc) and take some lessons to fly a private jet..

3. You are so beautiful that I am sure you have someone that take care of you, are you married?

I am not married. I someday hope to be married. I have not yet found the right man. Someday, I hope to fulfill this dream too. 

What is your goal, dream? 

My dream is to one day find my knight in shining armor. Someone who will always take care of me and never have me worry about finances ever again. I want to find that one man that I can stay completely loyal to.

Would you meet me outside?

I definitely meet clients outside. But, first need to meet me here for the first time to negotiate details and payment options. I love being intimate outside of the Ranch. One day I will find that one man to spend the rest of my life with who can really take care of me. 

 You intimidate me and I am sure a lot of guys like me are too! I am very nervous to meet you ..Do you have some advices?

Yes, when you first meet me in person, you will see I am just a woman who wants to love your touch and be part of your fantasy. Right away you will see I can calm your nerves very quickly and I have a gift that makes you feel special at first meet. I don't rush and want to slowly proceed with our party. Just talking together first and you seeing how comfortable it is sitting with me, automatically calms your nerves. I will tease you sexually and make you want to take me like you never have with anyone before. 

I am excited to meet you What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything except making a payment to the house. I have everything you need. The Bunny Ranch store on site also has everything you need. Just bring yourself and your best fantasy. I want to be the one to fulfill your needs. 

Do you accept gifts? If so, what kind of gifts do you like?

I love gifts and yes we do accept gifts. All gifts have to be claimed by the house, so they get half, or I have to pay half value to them. So, I feel like a kid saying gifts are awesome, but love cash tips even more. I work my hardest for you to get the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. I hope your tips reflect my success. 

I am handicapped are you okay with that?

I have a special special sensitivity to those that are handicapped. I love to feel I made someone who is handicapped feel the best they ever have. I get an easy orgasm knowing I made that special someone feel like they are on the top of the world. 

I am Virgin and I don't know how it works. Do you have a suggestion for time? 

I love Virgins! I am an extremely experienced teacher of sexuality. I know the best at what women want. I will give you that gift to be able to please a woman while you also having the biggest orgasm. I can teach you in as little as two hours how to have sex like you are a porn star. You will be shocked on how well I can teach you to work your tool on any woman. 

Can I spend an overnight with you? 

Absolutely we can spend overnight stays with each other. We have to first negotiate at the Ranch. We have special VIP room with special VIP rates or we can discuss rates to spend overnights with you outside the Ranch. Either way, you will be blown away of how much fun and enjoyment it could be. You will be amazed at how many times you could bring yourself to climax over and over again. 

Can you give me a ballpark so I know how much I should bring?

All prices have to be negotiated at the Ranch. The laws do not allow me to talk prices over the internet. You just need to remember that more time, activity, fantasy, or women that we add to our party increases the cost of the party. More fun will cost more. You need to be prepared to have the most fun. Know that half of what you pay goes to the house and I also have expenses that I have to cover. Such as room, board, and weekly doctor visit coverage. 

Is that right that you can refuse client?

I can and do refuse clients. I will not take a client unless he is respectful and has good hygiene. I take very good care of myself as I expect you too as well. I also will refuse clients if I do not believe I will receive enough cost to make it worth it for me. As I mentioned, I also have a lot of expenses that get taken out of the negotiated cost, as well as, needing to make a living as well. 

What is your schedule?

I post my schedule on my website and Twitter follow me to have all updates and pic of the day @ angelinamonroeE. I am pretty much available every day. My hours are scheduled from 3 pm to 3 am, but can arrange any time. I also do not have to be scheduled on for you to make an appointment to see me. I live close by and will cum in to meet you any time of the day as long as you schedule an appointment. You just need to schedule an appointment by calling the Bunny Ranch and press 0 to speak to the clerk. Or better yet, just email me at AngelinaMonroe@bunnyranch.com

 I am a widow and I would love to meet you . Do you recommend a place to stay in your town?

There are many beautiful hotels in the area I can meet with you and stay with you. I also love to go on dates with you like nice Dinners, shows, or showing around the town. You just need to discuss and negotiate costs at the Ranch before we go out. I can supply you with names of hotels if you just email me so I can respond to you. 

I like to book you what should I do to make it happened? Booking  an appointment is the best thing to do. This will guarantee you the time you want with me and it makes sure that I am there for you;just email me directly  Either way, you will have to leave a minimum of a 10% deposit. This will ensure that I re-arrange my schedule just for you. If you make an appointment, I will be available 24/7 for you.

 I love to dress as woman would you help me?

I love roll playing. This is such a turn-on. I get very wet just answering this question. I have beautiful lingerie and clothing that will look beautiful on you and get me very excited. Let's play. 

 I would love have you take me wearing a strap-on. Do you have any problem with that?

OMG! My absolute favorite! I have just the right strap-on and toys for you!